New Jewels

Hey guys,

I thought I was done with jewelry updates when I posted about our new Stone & Honey items on Friday, but we just received two more lovely jewelry shipments that must be shared as well.

Sparklefarm sent us a fun selection of necklaces and earrings. Below are my favorites of what we received:

Skinny Bar Earrings

Vintage Pretzel Bracelet

Coral and Brass Curve Necklace

Turquoise Dagger Necklace


One of our vendor all stars, Erica Weiner, also sent us a shipment!We have a ton of new styles, so here’s a small selection:

Lucite Hoops

“All’s Well” Brass Earrings (the other says “We May Well Be Happy Yet)-cast from vintage wax seals

Old Style Earrings. Love these.

Lady Mary Bracelet. I love the tassel and the knot in the middle; it’s all about the details.

Safety Pin Bracelet (gold fill, not your average goth-y safety pin bracelet)

Tubes N’ Tubes Necklaces

Building Blocks Necklace. Pair this with a simple black top and put your hair in a bun with a red lip for some serious impact.

Brass Vertebrae Necklace (cast from real snake vertebrae). I splurged; I confess. In my defense, I’ve been wanting this baby for two years. Wearing it with sparklefarm’s turquoise dagger necklace right now!


happy Sunday!



New Stone and Honey!

Hey ladies and gents,

We just received some pieces from StoneĀ  & Honey‘s spring 2012 line, and they are all beautiful!

Check out my favorites from the collection:

Manion Necklace

Cape Necklace

Hunter Earrings

Arches Earrings


See the rest in ye’ ole shop!



Remember to look up!

I always try to remind myself of that. There are beautiful things up there.

Were any of you far enough away from the city to see the meteor shower the other night?
I was desperate to see it- went out onto my balcony on North Ave every 10 minutes hoping to catch even the faintest glimmer, but no luck :( A big shock, I know. damn city lights.
Apparently, this shower, Perseids, happens every august and can produce up to 60 per hour.
Don’t worry, there’s a “very reliable” shower in December, and you can bet I’ll be as far away from the city as possible this time. Montagnes, if I’m smart!
(This is a composite image of some of the meteors from August 11th. Thanks NASA)

Although I didn’t get to see the shower, I did get to hear it. NASA had a live meteor audio feed (yes, I realize that I’m revealing just how much of a nerd I am), and I listened for about 10 minutes. When they break the atmosphere they sound like high pitched flute notes.
Check it out!
On a random side note, I participated in a MRI today, for a cancer research study. It was a study of brain function in normal adults compared to brain function in adults who had brain tumors as children. Before I went in, everyone I know was telling me I was going to be all freaked out because it was so closed, and it was loud, scary, etc.
On the contrary, I could have stayed in there all day!
I had this helmet with a mirror strapped to it, that showed me a computer screen, and for a little while I imagined I was an astronaut and it was awesome! Of course, I’m sure this was nothing like a space shuttle, but you know, can’t blame a girl for dreaming :)
So, let’s explore the new things in the shop, in honor of Perseids,
and my daydream space adventure!
Science Journal, Ex Libris
This new Stone & Honey necklace reminds me of
earth(maybe moon?) core samples!

New Happy Family Astronaut onesies!

Necklace by Raw Honey. Constellation-ey. (Maybe, a stretch with the constellation thing, but it’s too pretty to leave out!)

New print by, Callisto, by Jessica Swift!

Good Night!

I have this thing for bees. I love bumblebees because they remind me of awkward old men; they’re cute and kind of clumsy, and that’s meant in the most complementary sense. Honeybees provide sweetness (made from their spit no less!), are kind of fuzzy and remind me of Winnie the Pooh. Bees have a fantastic sense of direction, communicate by dancing, and pollinate the flowers every spring and summer. They’re also essential for all kinds of agriculture, pollinating tons of fruits and veggies that are important for our health and economy. Their honey is delicious, and if you consume local honey it can help with some pollen allergies. My Native American roots have granted me immunity from pollen season, but my friends aren’t so lucky and have discovered this yummy trick.

On the bee kick, check out our honeycomb necklaces from Stone and Honey, and our new ceramics by Megan Ramsey with bee designs on the bowls. (You’ll just have to take my word for it on the bowls, but they’re fantastic, promise.)

By the way, yellow jackets are not bees, they’re technically in the wasp family, so don’t let these aggressive, picnic ruining b****es spoil the goodness of their wonderful cousins.

Stay sweet, honeys!
(yes. yes I did.)