New Windows!

Happy Tuesday All!

We always try to keep the windows looking fresh for ya’ll, so today they got a little sprucing up. Come see!

We’re in the thick of football season and if you’re like me you’re trying to gracefully weather the relentless yells of  “you gotta catch that!” and “Go [insert football player's name]!! coming from the living room..or maybe you like football! Either way, Atlanta Vintage Travel’s classic football prints are the perfect way to show your pride…or your support of someone else’s pride!


Anddd….even though Fall is in full effect and we’re enjoying all the red, yellow, and gold around, you can still keep a little green inside all winter with gorgeous succulents from from Southeast Succulents (local!). Add a few of the handmade concrete candle holders and you’ve got a beautiful centerpiece or window sill decoration!



Gettin’ Hitched?

Hey guys!
Its Friday! Which is irrelevant for those of us who have to work weekends, but for those of you who don’t, congratulations!

After not being at work for a week I was super excited to see the new goodies all throughout the store!
I just got back from a wedding in Las Vegas at the Little White Chapel. Congrats to my friends Justin Brock and Kaley Baker! It was too much fun and I am still recooping from the lack of sleep, even though we got back last Sunday. Since I was a bridesmaid, there was a lot of prep for the wedding this month and it  got me to thinkin’… It’s not just the season for ghouties and ghoulies, it’s also wedding season! It’s prime time for wedding gifts. You should be the one to get something special for your blushing bride and groom, other than the 12-piece napkin holder set from Bed Bath and Beyond that 3 people have probably already bought for them.

We’ve got something that’s sure to tickle anyone’s fancy!

Something old: Instead of fine china, you should get one of these recycled plates made by Beat Up Creations. They are some of my favorite items in the store. :) She takes orphaned antique plates and gives them a modern re-glamed finish.


Something new: This is that new new ya’ll. We just started carrying this vendor called Peaceful Traveler this week. Something nice for the wall, and its poster size!

Something borrowed: Well you’re on your own here because we can really let you borrow anything.
Something blue is guaranteed because our gift wrapping paper is blue! What a deal!

It’s a no-brainer that if your woman ever gives you a love plant you DO NOT let it die because that is an immediate reflection on your human relationship. Right?? Here’s an alternative for a love fern.

These hypertufa plants are made by Southeast Succulents and are next to impossible to kill. If you can’t manage one of these, you must being trying to make a statement. Or maybe you’re just a major bone head.

That’s it! Everyone have a good weekend and bust out the scarves and flannels!
Oh, and in case you wondered whose hand writing this was, I’m the new gal.


Happy Tuesday All!

It’s new window time and we have ourselves a little window garden! It’s time to start squeezing the last few drops of summer; that fall breeze is pushing on in! There’s nothing like a nice plant to liven up your space and with cacti, succulents, and air plants even the most notorious plant killers can rest a little easier !

Dish gardens and hanging terrariums by Southeast Succulents, found glass terrariums by Homespun, felt pods by Shana Wood, moss letters by Restruct3, wood candle holders by KES Carvings, hanging mason jar lanterns by Midwest Finds

Some of my favorite things in the store right now:


Ties for your little gentlemen.

Little man’s bow tie by XOELLE

Available in grown gentlemen sizes as well!


Pixel gun and daggers! by Ashley Anderson


New tees by Mike Germon!



Gorgeous hanging air plant terrariums by Southeast Succulents

Hope everyone’s week is off to a great start!