Missed a few! More things to do!

Well, looks like there was a few things I missed the other day. Big things.  Silly me. Teehee.

Athens, Georgia based artist David Hale (one of our favs) will be debuting a new body of work Saturday, June 2nd titled, “St. Francis” at ABV Gallery! This body of work seeks to illuminate the fundamental similarities between all mythologies and mystical teachings by merging Christian Mythology with Native American and Pagan Mythologies.  Limited edition prints will be available for the show!
Check out This promotional video for \”St.Francis\”.

How did this slip my mind is what I am most concerned about… seeing as how I can’t even get into our small bathroom at the front because there’s  SO MUCH SWAG!!!!!

It’s the Indie Craft Experience!

- Swag bag for the first 250 attendees each day. Totes designed by Sarah Keys and The Argyle Academy and printed by Fallen Arrows
- DJ Zano
- LeahAndMark.com photo booth
- Vintage finds from Salvage vendors
- Craft competition with the Atlanta Institute of Stitches and Crafts
- Food from Ursa Minor Coffee, Good Food Truck, King of Pops and Bookie Macarons
- Free Art Swap – Bring a piece, take a piece. Liven up your home with new art.
- Lounge area designed by Blue Eyed Yonder

We all have old art that we have lost that lovin’ feelin’ for. So take it here and find it a new home and take something new home with you!

Happy Hump Day!

I.C.E. ice, baby!

Hey guys,

This is your reminder to stop by Indie Craft’s summer market festival tomorrow! ICE’s summer craft festival is taking place tomorrow and Sunday (June 12) at Ambient Plus studio between 11a.m.-6p.m. This year’s festival features over 100 craft vendors, along with a photo booth, music by DJ Zano, and yummy treats by King of Pops, Westside Creamery and the Good Food Truck! Go to ice-atlanta.com for more information.

And now for some  goodies:

Amie Barber of The Barber Shop sent us some lovely watercolor prints not too long ago from her West Hollywood studio. They make great gifts and are just some of those pieces that make you feel warmer inside when you look at them.  Here are a few we have in store!

Whale Love


Clouds Coming

I wish the clouds would home, its hotter than Hades, Atlanta!

until next time,


Artlantis ya’ll!

Hey everybody,

In case you haven’t heard, Artlantis is coming up on June 4th, and they’re looking for volunteers!The 3rd annual Artlantis festival will take place on the lawn of Druid Hills Baptist Church right down the street from Young Blood. It lasts from 10a.m.-7p.m., which will give you enough time to make it to YB to check out our opening at 7!

Photos of part artlantis’s:

Mermaids at Artlantis 2010

2010 vendor Stephanie Gill at Artlantis

-Some of this year’s artists include:  Sam Parker, Ken TwoFour, Sarah Smith, Jackie Dorange and Chris Hamer. These are just a few, people!

Our opening that night, Crossbred Thread, exhibits work by Stacey Page and Stephanie Blair and  opens that evening from 7-10.

And if you’re looking for something fun to do this weekend, in addition to ICE’s Wedding Day Hooray from 11-6 tomorrow and Sunday, tomorrow the East Atlanta Beer Festival will be going on in Brownwood Park. So any of you 21+ lucky ducks who aren’t working tomorrow should go enjoy a couple for me!

Much love,


Wedding Day Hooray!

Bonjour, Friday babies!

Given that I’m planing a wedding for January, I’ve been doing some serious research looking for talented crafters to add a touch of handmade love to my wedding day. With Indie Craft‘s “Wedding Day Hooray” show coming up on the 21st and 22nd of this month, I definitely plan to be there to at least grab a peek at some of the wedding-related goodies, and maybe gather some more inspiration for the big day. Despite my mother’s hesitation, the dress I’m eyeballing is also handmade, which is a huge plus in my book! Be sure to put this awesome event on your calendars, errbody!

You may not be planning a wedding this season, but it’s definitely that time of the year to be planning on attending one (or more it seems like). If you’re not digging the registry, the good stuff’s been bought, or you’re just feeling a little something more unique, definitely consider hitting us up for cool ceramics, art, or kitchenware for the newlyweds. Yes, we can bag it up nicely for you and find you an appropriate card as well!

Galaxy Tea Towel by Leah Duncan

“EAT” wooden letters by Slippin Southern (new vendor!)

Pugtastic portrait on antique plate by Beat Up Creations

Now go and love on somebody this weekend!



This Sat: Free Dali tickets * Free entrance to Ballroom * Gorgeous Art

We are hanging the work for this Saturday’s show and it is pretty incredible!
Come support Ruth and Sarah, have a cheap Terrapin or glass of wine, plus it’s a special night for two other reasons:

King of Pops is introducing a Young Blood pop AND The Highland Ballroom will debut the “Young Blood-Orange”, an extra spirited cocktail made with blood orange vodka, and it’s only $4.00. Ask for it by name!

As always, get your hand stamped at our opening and get free admission to The Ballroom.
This Saturday’s line-up:

Author’s Apology
Fourty Hells

And at midnight get down to DJs Dookie Platters and Gnosis!

LAST BUT NOT LEAST, the first 6 people who come to the show and ask for tickets to the High Museum’s Salvador Dali show opening, “Surreal Soiree”, will get them for free!

You can see our very own Kelly Teasley’s hand-painted dress modeled by our very own Jennifer Morris!

Madman or genius? Whatever you call him, Salvador Dalí was a master of the unexpected. From melting clocks to an éclair on Alice Cooper’s head, Dalí rebelled against convention like no one else. A purple velvet suit? He wore it. A crazy, twisty mustache? He sported it. A little black book that read like a who’s-who of 1970’s pop culture? He had one.

We invite you to walk a mile in Dalí’s shoes and to dip a toe into the bubbling waters of his bizarre mind at our Dalí-inspired soiree.

-A phunky photo booth by www.LeahandMark.com.
-Flamenco guitarist, Witold Tulodziecki.
-A jewelry trunk show by Ashley Buchanan.

A wearable art fashion show with contributions from the Atlanta artists listed below:

Grant Henry aka Sister Louisa
Courtney McClellan
Andy Moon Wilson
Lucha Rodriguez
Tracy Wagner
Cooper Sanchez
Jessica Swift
Kelly Teasley
HC Warner
Kenn Twofour

Creative Direction provided by: Shannon Mulkey co-founder of the Indie Craft Experience.

xo, Maggie