Last Vacation.

This is my last little vacation of the summer ( I know, I know it’s september) but, here in the south our summers last a little longer. And since I’m going to the beach for a wedding it feels pretty summery still. I’m excited to go on our little road trip with my friends and hopefully we won’t miss the ferry! Here’s a little coastal inspiration from YB to keep me going for the next few days…

floatingby_ship.jpg Gifty Captains Wheel Charm Necklace
Block Printed Long-sleeved  Cotton Baby Onesie (you pick size)


New New for You

Some days, I am overcome with love for my city. True, we don’t have good public transit, it’s corporate as hell, blah blah blah. But there is no where on the map with the heart, soul and flavor of Atlanta and I love it here!

After years of courting, we *think* Atlanta’s Esperanza will finally be repped at YB! We’re taking it slow for now, starting with this freshness, the ATL Hold It Down foam hands.

The original double finger ring by Stars For Sydell is back!

The ring shown is the oxidized finish, but this ring is available in a bright brushed finish as well.

Beautiful, creative necklaces and earrings, made from fabric, by Sol de Sur.

We have all kinda up-and-coming designer goodness in store for y’all this Fall – you just wait. Meanwhile, new items are coming in every day!


AMAZING show Sept11 * Juxtapoz Interviews

Sanithna Phansavanh

September 11th

Stay tuned for info about Sanithna’s scavenger hunt which will take place
on Friday, September 10th, one day before the show.

Be sure to stop by the show and get a pop from

Check out our interview in


FUN times!

Yesterday was “Bark in the Park” and Jen and I got to bring our little puppies to the Braves game! It was tons of fun! We’ve got tons of fun comin our way too…

This Saturday don’t forget it’s So Fine Equine. A silent auction held at YB to benefit
HRRRF ( a local horse rescue)

Then the following weekend Sanithna Phansavanh‘s
opening “Knock on Wood”. Check out his new video on his blog of his progress. And look out for news of the scavenger hunt of his art the day before the opening. Stay tuned…

Red Alert Artist Call! Day of the Dead Show

It may be hot as doodoo but let’s not forgot our wailing and gnashing of teeth just a few short months ago as the bitter cold beat us down. Personally, I love summer so much that I will gladly take the heat. Just thinking about the coming Fall then Winter gives me a little shudder.

One event that I know will take the edge off falls right before the Winter madness and that is THE DAY OF THE DEAD SHOW!!!

For those of you who haven’t experienced the Mexican Day of the Dead tradition, it is basically a way to honor relatives who have died by devoting several days to their memory. The official holiday is November 2nd and leading up to that day, loved-ones build altars devoted to these relatives. They can be as simple as a photo with flowers or can stretch from floor to ceiling, loaded with all their favorite foods, huge bouquets, candles, and indulgences such as tobacco, chocolate and meth. (joke)

Please help us spread the word about Young Blood’s contribution to this beautiful tradition. Our two lovely friends, Shannon Mulkey and Tracy Wagner are helping us organize a group art show where Atlanta artists will have their way with miniature coffins along with a big ass throw-down where we’ll all drink, eat and dance our faces off while remembering days gone by with the departed souls in our lives. It’s a tradition I admire more than most and I would love to share it with all of you!

Love until death and beyond!


Coffin from 2008 show by Sanithna Phansavanh.
He is the solo artist in our September art show!

Coffin by Mikey Jenkins,
2008 show

Day of the Dead Show

Saturday October 30, 2010 – Sunday November 28th.
Opening party will be Saturday Oct 30th from 7pm-1pm.

The show will consist of 17”(h) x 7”(w) x 4″ (d) handmade wooden coffins by local artists. We are providing the coffins, hosting the opening and doing all promotion for the event.

We are asking that each artist contribute $20 for the cost of the coffin and opening expenses. Beyond that, each artist is free to sell their piece for up to $500. Young Blood takes 50% off the top, so please keep that in mind when pricing. Additional coffins can be purchased for $15 & you can make as many as you’d like!

If you participated in the show last year and have left over coffins, you are welcome to use them at no cost, just be sure to let us know so we can include you in the program. We are asking that new artists submit 2 photos of their work.

The deadlines are as follows:

• August 23- please respond to call for entries and pay for coffins

Please send checks to:
Tracy Wagner
2242 Venetian Drive
Atlanta, GA 30311

or paypal

You can email: to arrange alternate payment.
Once we get a count on how many artists are participating, we’ll email everyone to let you know when the coffins are ready.

• Oct 1- If you are interested in having your coffin photographed for the press release –please email tracy

• Oct 20- coffin deadline – please email tracy for drop off locations

• Oct 30- opening party

• Nov 28– Pick up coffins


print time!

it’s saturday! yay!
i hope everyone’s enjoying their weekend!

it’s print time!
we have wayy too many wonderful prints for me to list them all, but I’ve chosen a few of my favorites to share!

charmaine olivia

kinship press

eternal love family

melanie linder

justin richel

pretty little thieves


stop by an see in person!




it’s showtime! the gallery is hung and it looks fantastic!

get your booties over here for

it came from left field

with works by ming donkey, herbert rieth III, and jason baldwin!


here’s a sneak peek!

see you soon!


happy weekend!

if you’re in town you should make tonight’s show at mint a must for your saturday night agenda!

check it!


Saturday, June 3rd – AMERICA, a patriotic group show curated by Ben Goldman

An amazing group exhibit featuring art inspired by our beloved country. Come out and salute the flag, have a PBR, and be proud to be an American. Each artist created a piece about their feelings and views on our great democratic republic. Come to the show! It’s fun, it’s free and It’s your civic duty. Support the Arts.

Featuring work created by some of America’s finest citizens: Tindel and Michi, Sam Parker, Stephanie Dowda and John Paul Floyd, Brandon Crawford, Bethany Collins, Teresa Bramlette Reeves, Ashley Anderson, Jessica Scott Felder, Mike Germon,Brandi Supra, Erin Bassett, Jim O’Donnell, Chris Walter, Katy Malone, Andrew Cho, InKyong Chun, Katie Coleman, James McConnell, Paul Rodecker, Claire Paul, Bean Summer, Baxter Crane, Preston Snyder, Jessica Orlowski, Don Robson, Travis Smith, Andrea Sanders, Jimmy Alvarez, Marcy Starz, Kelly O’Brien, Beau Torres, Edward Smucgyz, Edie Gonzales, Nikki Grote, Jessica Miller, Mike Devine, Egg Tooth, Ben Goldman and many many more.
Opens at 7, goes late. See you there!

have a great 4th everyone!


Well I’m still recovering from last nights awesome opening we had with our Atlanta artist friends Kenn TwoFour, Steven Dixey and Stenvik Mostrom. They cranked out some awesome work for the show so come and check it out this month before it’s all SOLD! For you out of towners I’ll have images up of all the work next week. And sorry if you missed it we got to turn the lights out at the end of the night and see all of Sten’s awesome GLOW in the DARK art!!!

The Savannah College of Art and Design is hosting SCAD Style 2010 right now! So don’t miss these fun and free events!

April 26–May 6, at various locations at SCAD Atlanta and SCAD Savannah. This series of events features world-renowned artists, designers and industry professionals and highlights several of the university’s programs of study, including architecture, fashion, fibers, furniture design and interior design. All lectures are free and open to the public. Vist for a full listing of events.

Heard from our friend Steven Satterfield that Ms. J from ANTM dined at his resturant Miller Union while in town druing Atlanta fashion week ooh la la and SCAD is screening Handmade Nation! YB got to show this last year in our gallery and Maggie and I were especially excited because we and some of our other crafty friends had little cameos!

Screening: “Handmade Nation”
Tuesday, May 4, 8 p.m.
SCAD Digital Media Center Theater, 1611 W. Peachtree St.

Panel discussion: “Why One-of-a-kind Matters” Vanessa Bertozzi, Faythe Levine, Heather Ross, Moderated by Amy Zurcher

Wednesday, May 5, 12:30 p.m.
SCAD, Welcome Center 1600 Peachtree St.

One of Etsy’s first employees, Vanessa Bertozzi is director of communications for, the Internet marketplace for all things crafty. There, she runs Etsy’s blog, Storque, developing content relating to the handmade lifestyle, and coordinates events that highlight the Etsy community of artisans.

Faythe Levine is a prominent figure in the DIY indie craft movement and an artist herself. Her work was featured on HGTV’s That’s Clever, and inspired her to open Paper Boat Boutique Gallery in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She is the founder of the popular Midwest craft fair, Art vs. Craft, and the director and producer of the documentary film Handmade Nation: The Rise of DIY Art, Craft and Design.

Illustrator and designer Heather Ross draws upon her own self-described “rural and unsupervised” childhood to create otherworldly designs and illustrations. Her whimsical drawings appear on everything from textiles and clothing to surfboards and stationery, and her book, Weekend Sewing, inspires do-it-yourself attitude with sentimental style. Ross also stays busy with her blog, “Weekend by Heather Ross.”

Moderator: Amy Zurcher has a keen eye for talent and a nuanced ability to help young artists market themselves. As the director of shopSCAD, with retail gallery boutiques in Savannah and Atlanta, Georgia, Lacoste, France, and online, she seeks the latest stars in SCAD’s artistic community for shopSCAD storefronts.


Happy Birthday week Julia!


This weekend it rained like crazy here down south and lucky for me I had just gotten some of my garden in the ground. I had a big problem with the lovely little ratties in my hood eating my tomatoes last year so… I came up with a new plan this year and they better watch out for Mr. Owlie and the screening that’s gonna cut their little lips!

And to bring in with the theme of spring Kibbee Gallery is having an opening this saturday with one of our dear friends Julia Kubica and since they are so close you can walk from our opening, “Disaster Planning” to theirs! ha ha and I guess to bring it all around I was doing some “disaster planning” of my own with those rat proofing tomato cages.

“Sprout” is a drawing based exhibition that embodies the combination of organic imagery and delicate line work. Four artists: Kelly Cloninger, Katherine Gaddy, Julia Kubica and Pam Rogers create works on and with paper that explore landscape and environment, using botanical motifs to make the connection between self and nature.

7-10 this Saturday night!!

This awesome plant decor, made from recycled soda/beer cans, from Sloth Craft encourages all your bulbies to come out and these great tees from Happy Family will show your garden how much you love them-and we have them right here at YB!

** ps: Look at this awesome photo shoot we did with Scott Lowden last Friday!!**