“Feather & Bone”



Here is just a little background on the 3 amazing artists featured in our highly anticipated March show: “Feather & Bone”.


“Everything in life is art; everything has a rhythm. It’s always right in front of you, and most people take it for granted.”

- Ed Trask [ARTslant.com]

Father, Drummer and Regionalist Painter—Richmond Artist Ed Trask keeps himself very busy.  His murals speak to the local geography, whereas his applied art sometimes has the opposite intention, in hopes of energizing ones day to day.  With influences ranging from impressionism to American realists like Thomas Hart Benton, Trask captures a certain lively and painterly quality—breathing life into the surface and the scene in which he represents.Trask has a long list of bands he’s been in starting from the mid -80′s including  Holy Rollers and Kepone.  Ed now plays in the bands AVAIL, Heks Orkest, and Corntooth.

Some food for thought before the show:

A recent documented project of Ed’s in Richmond:

An interview with ARTslant:


El Kamino’s work is a result of mixing instinct for rawness with his knowledge of fine art.  Raised in the suburbs of Virginia, El Kamino started wall painting/graffiti as a teenager.  Although there was not a lot of galleries or artists to collaborate with early on, the influence of Thrasher Magazine motivated El Kamino’s beginnings.  His connection to duality in humanity and nature find their way into a large body of his work, but it doesn’t stop there.  His tag brings in that element of graphic design, mixing hard edges with the continuity of calligraphy.

El Kamino was featured in our March 2011 show, Interbeast.  We are anxious to see all  his new works in our upcoming March show! Here is a small preview of what to expect March 3rd:

His recent collaboration with Converse in Brooklyn as well as this 2009 RVA Video on Story Telling Mag are two shorts that give you more details about El Kamino and his work:

Here is a recent project completed in Brooklyn:

Here is a great interview by the people at RVA/Story Telling Mag:


Having always retained qualities of fluidity in his work, David Hale is more often mixing his use of organic lines/materials with that of fractal geometry these days—a quality that has grown and developed since becoming a globally recognized tattoo artist as well as influential collaborations with Artist Kris D.

Hale is also widely known for his collaborative live paintings with bands like Dubconscious and STS9. Whether he is live painting or working on promotional posters and album covers, Hale’s art is synonymous with many well-known musicians.  Hale recently created a limited edition print (Music is Medicine) for the String Cheese Incident’s Atlanta Show at the Fox Theatre.

David currently resides in Athens, Ga with his family where he can be found at the newly named LoveHawk Studios.   Hale has been featured in two other shows with us , Birds of a Feather and Medicina. We look forward to seeing the new body of Hale has produced for his third featured show at Young Blood.  Here is just a taste of what you can expect Saturday:

Although all these artists all have a distinct style—elements of nature, their connections to regionalism as well as various musical influences bring them together for the show appropriately titled: Feather and Bone, Opening March 3rd 2012 at 7 pm in Young Blood Gallery.


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