Awards & Testimonials

“Young Blood fills a niche for non-snobby art.” – Ann Marie Manker

“After I leave a Young Blood opening, not only do I want to come back, but I have a renewed enthusiasm and courage for venturing out to experience what art Atlanta has to offer.” – Julie Newton

“Everyone is very friendly and positive. The events are always fun, and they nurture a sense of community amoung the artists.” – Haley Billue

“Approachable, friendly, accessible local art.” – Charles Bonner

“Young Blood’s art shows are always playful, socially conscious and lacking pretension. The boutique has a great selection of art and crafts that are priced very reasonably.” – Christina Sacco

“I love having something hand made, and Young Blood is the place to go. – Jacqueline Stringham

“The fact that they focus on locals and independent emerging artists is unique, and in my opinion, important to the Atlanta arts community as a whole.” – Jay Wiggins