As of January, 2013 Young Blood Gallery will host exhibits in alternative spaces instead of in a permanent location. To submit your work to Young Blood Gallery, please email Kelly or Maggie.  After 15 years we passed the torch of  Young Blood Boutique onto by Rebecca Hanna and Jessie White please check out their site for information on the shop.
Young Blood Gallery

Photo By: Joeff Davis

“Since its founding in 1997, the independent Atlanta stalwart Young Blood Gallery has grown into an essential resource for both regional and national artists. Continually ahead of the mainstream gallery curve, Young Blood Gallery has been an important forum for some of the art scene’s most exciting burgeoning movements including lowbrow art, craft, the DIY movement, skate culture and graffiti art. Committed to exhibiting cutting-edge work, Young Blood Gallery has featured artists who may have intimidated more traditional gallerists, offering them a venue for experimentation and risk-taking. With an independent streak and an appreciation for the many forms creativity takes, Young Blood Gallery owners Maggie White and Kelly Teasley have featured more than 1,200 emerging artists since their inception, many of whom appear regularly in gallery exhibitions in New York, Mexico City, London, San Francisco and Los Angeles, and in the pages of Juxtapoz, The Los Angeles Times, Atlanta magazine and The Washington Post.

In a wildly fluctuating art scene, Young Blood Gallery has remained a reliable constant, growing from a small space in Atlanta’s Grant Park to an impressive 1,000 square-foot gallery and shop in the center of Atlanta’s thriving, walkable Poncey-Highlands neighborhood.

Part of the Young Blood Gallery mission is to embrace the spectrum of creativity beyond the visual arts. Through their onsite shop, the gallery offers an opportunity for an array of Atlanta-based and nationally-recognized designers and artists to sell design-savvy and handmade goods in disciplines from textile-arts to jewelry. Accessibility is one of the cornerstones of Young Blood Gallery and Boutique, and they continue to appeal to a wide audience in both the gallery and shop.”

- Felicia Feaster, Art and Film Critic


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